Renegade Sport

2014 BRP Ski Doo Renegade Sport picture

Model 2014 is a pretty good re-designed and modified in comparison to his predecessor. Manufacturer BRP Lynx really bothered that their models are excellent both in appearance and characteristics. This model runs Rotax 550F engine type or Rotax ACE 600, the choice is yours. Skis with Pilot 5.7, it is very comfortable and designed for long rides …..


2014 BRP Ski Doo Renegade Sport

price: $7,099

Technical information:


Engine Rotax 550F Rotax ACE 600


Vehicle overall width 1217 mm / 47.9 in 1217 mm / 47.9 in
Official dry weight 199 kg / 439 lb 213 kg / 470 lb
Ski stance 1077 mm / 42.4 in 1077 mm / 42.4 in
Track nominal width 381 mm / 15 in 381 mm / 15 in
Track nominal length 3487 mm / 137 in 3487 mm / 137 in
Track profile height 31,8 mm / 1,25 in Cobra 31,8 mm / 1,25 in Cobra

Power train:

Drive clutch type eDrive eDrive 2
Driven clutch type QRS (short shaft) QRS (short shaft)
Brake system Brembo brake with braided stainless-steel brake line Brembo brake with braided stainless-steel brake line


Front Suspension Dual A-arms Dual A-arms
Front Shocks Motion Control Motion Control
Center Shock Motion Control Motion Control
Rear Suspension SC-5M SC-5M
Rear Shock HPG HPG


Platform REV-XP REV-XP
Skis Pilot 5.7 Pilot 5.7




 REV-X Platform

Dramatically lightweight, yet strong, for better acceleration, cornering and overall performance in any trail situation. Advanced ergonomics allow for more riding positions than thought possible before.


Pilot 5.7 Skis

Dual-keel/single-carbide design for aggressive bite in corners and virtually no darting.


Analog Gauge with Display

Smartly-styled analog speedometer and tachometer plus LCD digital information screen.


SC-5M Rear Suspension

Its length bridges bumps, enables occasional off-trail rides and accommodates larger riders.


LinQ Mounting system (accessory)

Our new cargo attachment system is the hassle-free way to connect cargo bags or a fuel caddy to your sled in seconds.


Brembo brake

Hydraulic disc brake from world renown supplier Brembo provides outstanding stopping power and fade resistant performance. Braided stainless steel line delivers a direct, solid feel and greater efficiency.



Comfortable, yet easy to move around on. 1.9 gal (7 L) of storage in trunk.


Rotax ACE 600 Engine

The industry’s fuel economy leader at up to 28 mpg* (8.5 L/100km) and extremely low maintenance. In-line EFI four-stroke twin with 60 hp.


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